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Postcard Printing For Your Business

Printing postcards is an excellent way to communicate with potential customers quickly, affordably, and efficiently.

We’ve printed postcards for hundreds of organizations throughout North America. Chances are if you live in the Treasure Valley of Idaho, you’ve received a postcard printed by us. Heck, we’re comfortable saying people all across North America have held postcards printed by us. The reason is simple – postcards are useful and effective. We’re often approached by companies that need help using print in their marketing mix. Quickly, we guide them to printing postcards. Why? See the benefits below.

See the benefits of postcards

The benefits of printing postcards

  • Cost effective
  • Highly visual
  • Quick, efficient forms communication
  • Create strong calls to action
  • Leave a physical item with prospects
  • Easily distributed
  • Bolster your online presence
  • Excellent for direct mail purposes

Postcards offer a great way to catch a prospect’s attention. They’re one of the easiest print marketing methods to produce, so using postcards to promote your business is a no-brainer. ESP Print and Mail can help you produce postcards of various sizes cost-effectively and quickly.

Paper Options For Postcards

Postcards are most often produced on cover stocks. This type of paper is thicker, rigid, and more durable than lightweight text stocks. 


Coated Vs. Uncoated Paper Stocks

Coated Paper Stocks: These are paper stocks with a coating applied to them making them smooth. Available in glossy and dull options.

Uncoated Paper Stocks: These are stocks without any coating and maintain their original texture. A common example of this is copy paper, but the options we use are much better!

Blank Postcard

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